Country Sourdough

Using a combination of wheat, whole wheat and rye flours, the Country Sourdough ($6.70) is a wholesome and healthier bread. This combination of flours plus the addition of the sourdough starter creates a well-rounded, tasty sourdough bread with the goodness of whole wheat. Load with slices of cold cut meats or a hearty cheese and salad to make a delicious and filling sandwich.

White Sourdough

The White Sourdough ($6.70) uses the same recipe as Baker & Cook’s signature Pain au Levain. Featuring four simple ingredients plus its famous sourdough starter, it is mild in taste and is a great introduction to sourdough bread. Lightly toasted, this sliced bread is perfect with butter, jams, preserves and spreads, while its uniform shape and texture makes it ideal for lunchbox sandwiches.

Soy & Linseed Sourdough

The Soy & Linseed Sourdough ($7.20) is a highly nutritious loaf that is high in protein, a good source of fibre and omega-3. The linseeds give each slice a subtle, nutty nuance on the palate, more mouthfeel and the natural oils lend moisture and flavour to the bread. Try it as a sandwich, toasted or simply as a snack – this bread is a standout.