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Wine Them Over

Be the best guest at a Christmas party with these bottles in hand.

Christmas parties are fun. You get to meet up with your friends, be fed a delicious meal, and leave with presents aplenty. But don’t be a bad guest and turn up for a Christmas party empty-handed. We’ve put together a shortlist of wines most suited for the festive season, from an easy-to-drink white and red, to a sparkling wine and a delicious rosé.

1. Sileni Cellar Selection Pinot Gris ($44)
This popular varietal is easy to please the crowds. A safe bet from a well-known producer.

2. Grant Burge Cellar Cut Cabernet Sauvignon ($39)
A medium-bodied red wine that is easy to drink. Bring this bottle if you’re not sure what’s on your host’s dinner menu — it goes well with different types of food.

3. Corte Giara Proseco ($51)
This sparkling wine hails from an up and coming area, Veneto. A value-for-money bottle that is slightly sweet, and easily enjoyed by everyone.

4. Mouton Cadet Rosé ($39)
If your host is a fan of rosé, get this bottle from a top producer in France, which also happens to be located in the well-known region of Bordeaux. The taste profile of this rosé is a bit more complex than a usual one, great for guests who love discovering new wines.

These bottles are available at all Baker & Cook outlets.

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