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Tuatara Brewery

From a backyard in the hills above Waikanae to the sunny shores of Singapore, Tuatara Brewery’s delectable brews have come a long way. Founded by engineer Carl Vasta, the brewery crafts a range of ales, porters and pilsners, among others, and takes its name from the New Zealand reptile that’s old enough to be dubbed as a living fossil.


Born of a eureka moment at the turn of the millennium, the Mot Eureka Pilsner is a whole new style of beer made from 100% New Zealand Pilsner. Crisp, rm bodied, with just the right aromas of citrus and malt, this craft beer is one of the few brews that helped hone New Zealanders beer palates nearly two decades ago, so the story goes. Regardless, the golden straw hues of this brew with its refreshing dry finish, continues to stand the test of time.


Said to be “the best thing since sliced bread”, the Weiz Guy wheat beer is a fruity, sweet and cloudy concoction that’s a quick and easy favourite. Made with German wheat and Weihenstephan yeast that lends hints of ripe banana, vanilla and clove to the brew, it’s easy on the palate and smooth without being too intense. The opaque brew is well balanced with subtle hop and finishes with a slight sweet tartness that’s familiar, yet unusual. In short, a must-try.


When you think about drinks with desserts, it’s pretty safe to say that the last thing to come to mind is a half pint of dark ale with that dark chocolate molten cake. But with flavours of chocolate and coffee with a marmalade note, this Texan- inspired Amarillo Dark Ale is all you need to wash down that chocolately decadent dessert. Mind blown? Join the club.


If living in the tropics has taught us anything, apart from dodging into every air-conditioned space available, it’s finding occasions to chill out with a light, refreshing brew any chance we get. Tropical flavours of mango, melon and passionfruit finish with pine, herbal spice and sweet malt in this pale, quaffable IPA, while the generous load of trans-tasman hops makes it a refreshing way to take a break.


What started out as a temporary x turned into an authentic Kiwi brew with 100% local hops used in the making. With its citrusy, herbaceous flavours and a fresh hop finish, this new world Pale Ale in golden amber to copper hues is as Kiwi as it comes. Although recently renamed as Kapai (or kAPAi) as a tribute to the Aotearoa Pale Ale’s true kiwi heritage, the tropical fruit and marmalade aromas that come through are a timely reminder of the evolution of the New Zealand pale ale.

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