Staying Grounded
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Staying Grounded

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Allpress Espresso came about when founder Michael Allpress witnessed Seattle’s specialty coffee revival in that late 80’s. Not long after, he started his first roastery at an old Browns Mill building on Drake Street at Freemans Bay in Auckland. Science and craft came together with innovative technology, to create roasts that ensure consistency with each cup.

“In the beautiful and old Browns Mill building on Drake Street, you’ll find all there is to know about us. It’s where the original prototype of the ART Roaster lives on Drake Street, designed by Michael Allpress and Mike Scobie. It’s a place to bring your friends for coffee and a simple breakfast or lunch,” says Nick Passi, a representative of the brand.

“It’s a place where the community can gather through exhibitions and events held in our Allpress studio. The Auckland roastery roasts delicious coffee for the whole North Island of New Zealand, leaving the South Island to our roastery in Dunedin.”

Today, Allpress roasts its coffee beans in six cities worldwide, including London, Tokyo, Sydney and Melbourne. It also works with over 1,000 independent cafes around the globe.

“Our vision at Allpress is to roast and deliver consistently, delicious coffee to our community of wholesale customers around the world,” shares Nick.

Still, staying true to its NZ heritage, Nick quips, “And if you pay a visit to any of our roastery cafes, we can guarantee a Kiwi accent won’t be far away!”

Here in Singapore, Allpress has made its inaugural southeast Asian foray at Baker & Cook.

Shares Nick: “Dean (Brettschneider)’s thirst for good coffee led him back to his familiar Kiwi roots, and he started to import his favourite beans from Allpress all the way from our Auckland roastery to his Asian outposts.”

There’s no secret to producing great coffee – quality in delivers quality out. While bean origin, preparation and equipment is important, the fundamental difference in Allpress’ coffee is their Hot Air roast method, and the benefit is in the cup. At Baker & Cook’s cafes in Singapore, you’ll find the versatile Carmelo, a blend made up of four different origins — the Brazil and the Sumatra that provides body and the base of the blend, while the Colombia and the Guatemala provide a clean acidity with caramel notes.

“As espresso-based coffee is our specialty, we think our beans taste best when extracted through an espresso machine. However, Carmelo is perfectly balanced, making it the most versatile of blends: it tastes delicious with milk or without, as espresso or not,” explains Nick.

Beyond coffee, the company also supports cafe owners with additional services that includes barista training, technical and machinery, brand and marketing and customer service.

And for those who prefer to brew a cuppa from the comfort of your own home, Nick reveals that the simplest way to do so is with a filter setup.

“All you need to make this happen is some ground coffee; hot water (not quite boiling); filter paper; a ceramic or plastic cone; and last but not least, someone in need of a good brew!”

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