Something Special Brewing
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Something Special Brewing

The Kiwi connection has brought Global Baker Dean Brettschneider together with many interesting people, and Joseph Barratt of craft brewery Trouble Brewing is one cool cat to add to the list.

Brettschneider met Barratt when he was looking to craft a special brew for Baker & Cook, and he knew Barratt would be the right man to come up with a refreshing and uncomplicated brew that customers will love.

Baker Boy Summer Ale is an easy-to-drink beer perfect for Singapore’s tropical weather. The malt gives this brew a slight sweetness, with a sharp finish. And the personalised bottling — check out the illustration of Dean on the bottle — makes this craft beer easy to look at, as well as drink. This well-rounded tipple goes well with anything, especially our sourdough pizzas and burgers, as well as our pies and quiches. Caution: Knocking back a few pints of Baker Boy Summer Ale can be way too easy. Consider yourself warned!

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