January Bites
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January Bites


You’ll usually find open-faced or golden ball variations of this tangy sweet Chinese New Year snack on the table of every household you visit. But if you’re looking for a tart to have all on your own, dig into the handmade Pineapple Tart at Baker & Cook. The buttery short crust pastry is filled with traditional pineapple jam, almond cream and topped with a slice of pineapple and an apricot glaze. All outlets are open over the CNY long weekend, from 7am to 10pm.


The best Hot Cross Buns in town are back on the menu! It’s that special time of year again when we blend our own spices and then carefully mix them with our, butter, sugar, yeast, eggs, water, currants and sultanas to create the prefect Hot Cross Buns for you to enjoy with family and friends. Not a fan of spices and currants? Nibble on our Chocolate Chip version instead. Pre-order your packets of 6 Hot Cross Buns from any Baker & Cook store in the lead- up to Easter to avoid missing out.

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