Going With The Grain
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Going With The Grain

Get to know the different flours that give rise to a healthy loaf.

By now, you’re familiar with white and whole wheat flour when it comes to baking bread. But what about alternative flours? Made from different grains, these lesser-known flours are slowly rising to prominence as home cooks turn more experimental.

There’s rye, which has a tangy flavour and a natural chewiness when processed. Or barley, which adds a lovely malted flavour to a fresh loaf. Gluten-free advocates will also adore the loaves made from rice flour or polenta. At Baker & Cook, the giant Pain Miche is the perfect showcase for these flours. Made from 60 per cent wheat, 20 per cent whole wheat, and 20 per cent rye, it’s considered the ‘king’ of breads for its excellent keeping qualities. We dive into five different types of grains you’ll find in the flour bin of Baker & Cook.


A higher bran and fibre content makes rye flour a healthier choice for home bakers. As rye flour also contains a high amount of the amylase enzyme (responsible for turning starch into sugars), this contributes to a denser, hearty loaf when baked. Try the Danish Rye at Baker & Cook, which is made from rye, wheat, sunflower seeds, and linseed.


This major cereal grain is chockfull of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Though barley flour is not ideal to use on its own for baking bread — try mixing it with whole wheat flour — it adds a natural malted flavour to sweet treats like cookies. You’ll find barley flour in the 6 Seed & Grain Loaf at Baker & Cook, a healthy and dense loaf that is practically a meal on its own.


Rich in vitamins B and E, spelt is a variety of wheat that has not been tampered with or crossed with other varieties. It’s also more digestible than common wheat due to its low gluten and high fibre content. At Baker & Cook, the 100% Spelt Sourdough Loaf boasts a nutty flavour with a soft, even crumb. Great as is, or with a pat of cream cheese.


Here are two grains that advocates of the gluten-free diet ought to know. Made from whole rice kernels that have been ground coarsely, rice flour tends to produce a more granular crumb. Gluten-free loaves tend to be lighter and easily digestible. Don’t take our word for it — pick up a loaf of Gluten Free Bread from Baker & Cook to find out for yourself!

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