Feels like Home
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Feels like Home

When the Australian-born moved to Singapore three years ago, she was pleasantly surprised to find a cafe in her neighbourhood serving an experience close to what she would get in her home town of Sydney.

Your favourite pastry on the menu at Baker & Cook?

I was running my business from home and would cycle down in the middle of the day to the Hillcrest area. I like the vibes and coffee there!

What's your regular order at Baker & Cook?

A skinny at white. We’re usually there for coffee, but the olive bread is a family favourite loaf as well. I also pop in daily to buy fresh bread for the children’s school lunches.

What do you like most about coming to Baker & Cook?

We tend to bump into our friends here whenever we come down to Baker & Cook, so an outing here usually turns into a catchup with many of these friends where we hang out and chat.

Any special occasions you’ve celebrated at Baker & Cook?

I celebrated Mother’s Day once attending a baking class with my daughter. We baked a sponge cake! I like the classes held at the B&C school as it’s a beautiful place, and I find the classes very well managed.

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