Bringing Butter Back
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Bringing Butter Back

Here’s why this made-in-New Zealand spread is pure gold.

Butter has always been the quintessential ingredient when it comes to baking pastries and cakes. And the golden slab is now back in vogue after studies have shown that it is indeed good for health — though everything in moderation, of course.

As Guy Martin, chef-owner of Le Grand Vefour, the oldest restaurant in Paris, one said: “I try to put not too much cream or butter in my dishes, but butter is good for the heart, you know? It’s vitamin A – you need it.”


Thanks to butter’s new ‘healthy halo’, consumption has also surged — it is estimated that nearly 2.1 million metric tonnes of butter will be required by 2025 to meet global demand. Asia alone is a big driver of the overall demand for butter. According to a report by Euromonitor, the Asian market generated over 60 per cent of growth in the baked goods sector. Asian consumers are also willing to pay up to 15 per cent more for baked goods made with good quality butter instead of margarine.


At Baker & Cook, global baker Dean Brettschneider commits to only using pure gold from New Zealand. The Kiwi native’s choice of butter: Anchor, an iconic New Zealand brand with its origins dating back to 1886.

Owned by global dairy co-operative, Fonterra, Anchor butter is made from cows that are raised on lush green pastures and left to wander free-range. This gives the golden churn a richer taste, as well as a higher content of Omega-3, beta carotene and Vitamin A. The milk from the cows are collected twice daily for majority of the season, to make sure the cream is the freshest possible.


And the difference is telling. At Baker & Cook, the quality of Anchor’s butter comes through in their baked pastries. The croissant, for instance, is wonderfully crisp and flaky, with a light, soft center thanks to the quality butter used. It’s also why the Danishes and quiches here taste so good — rich and buttery. Perfect on their own,
or even better with an extra slab of Anchor butter on the side for the days that call for a little indulgence.

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