Bowel Me Over!
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Bowel Me Over!

Baker & Cook launches three new healthy bowls that are delicious and easy to eat.

Breakfast Chia Bowl

Chia seeds are a popular superfood, and they’re the star of the show in this breakfast bowl. White chia seeds are soaked overnight in coconut and soy milk. The creamy concoction is then jazzed up with juicy berries, slices of banana, almonds and coconut flakes. Healthy yet utterly satisfying.

Cobb Bowl

Who doesn’t love seeing a runny yolk oozing over? Baker & Cook’s version of a hearty American Cobb salad comes with a lava egg, as well as bacon, avocado and cheddar cheese. A bed of kibbled rye, sliced iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes and chives gives this salad the greens it needs. Our very own cobb dressing served on the side. Comes with a top-up option of smoked chicken or salmon.

B&C Bowl

This feel-good salad bowl has plenty of spinach, roasted pumpkin, edamame, corn, a soft egg and cherry tomatoes. The base is wholesome pearl barley, topped with toasted nuts and seeds and with a side of sesame dressing. Add smoked chicken or smoked salmon for some extra protein.

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