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Bottoms Up

Think that all bottled water is the same? Think again.

Thriving under immense geological pressure, antipodes water not only hails from an underground aquifer that's some 320 metres deep, but is naturally filtered for up to 300 years through fine-grained volcanic rock called ignimbrite, all of which takes place in New Zealand's rural Bay of Plenty.

With uninterrupted flows from the aquifer to the bottling plant, which maintains the high quality and purity of the water throughout, antipodes water has a neutral pH level of 7.0 and a low Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) rating of 130. All this gives antipodes water a subtle minerality with a clear, smooth taste, making it ideal choice of water to complement each meal.

The company’s attention to detail and commitment to design are reflected in the stylish glass bottles with its bold, yet simple label, that is like nothing else already in the market. Designed to blend in with its settings, antipodes water is right at home on tables of some of the best restaurants around the world, as well as hotels and selected retailers.

To top that, every step of the process to bring water from its artesian aquifer into your glass has been achieved with no environmental footprint, making antipodes water the only carboNZero- certified water in the world.

Keeping things pure on the outside as within, antipodes water has been rated as one of the purest waters in New Zealand for more than a decade, apart from being one of the nest in the world.

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