What's In A Loaf
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What's In A Loaf

Four simple ingredients are all it takes to make good bread.

What does it take to create bread magic? The answer from Dean Brettschneider is simple: our, salt, water and the global baker’s 30-year-old starter. At Baker & Cook, all breads are made from these four simple ingredients, using long fermentation methods to yield a good crust, crumb and texture. The breads are then packed with quality nuts, seeds and grains for a hearty loaf. Here are 5 of Baker & Cook’s best-selling loaves:


This is sourdough made with all the French traditions, with a 40 per cent levain (sourdough) content, hence its name. The crusty loaf is allowed to slowly ferment for over a day, and has an irregular texture with a slightly sour and nutty taste. Best eaten fresh, or lightly toasted.


Got a big family? Then this 2kg sourdough is perfect to feed the masses. Made from 60 per cent white our, 20 per cent whole-wheat our and 20 per cent rye our, this hefty loaf is sold whole at the store, or quarters sliced, depending on your preference.


There’s no ciabatta at Baker & Cook, but the Turkish pide is just right to suit the Asian preference for pillow-y white bread. Soft on the outside and soft on the inside, this is great for sandwiches, and even for BBQ parties. Great for dipping in those spicy curries, too.


The king loaf in Baker & Cook’s selection. This dense German bread is chock-full of grains and seeds, such as sunflower seeds, linseed, oats, rye, corn, bran and sesame. Excellent with cold meats or toasted. 5. OLIVE BATON Packed with pieces of black and green olives, this bread lends itself well to be made into crostinis, and is also a good bread for picnics. Enjoy with a plate of pasta, and a good olive oil.

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