Franklyn & Felix
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Franklyn & Felix

They’re known as the dynamic duo at the Swan Lake outlet of Baker & Cook and Plank Sourdough Pizza. Few would guess that the two didn’t even know each other from before; they became friends on the job. Together, they run Baker & Cook and Plank Sourdough Pizza at Swan Lake with grace and flair.

How long have you both been at Baker & Cook and Plank Sourdough Pizza now?

Franklyn: I’ve been employed for 5 years now. I went for the interview on a crazy busy Saturday morning and told myself I wanted to work here because everything about the ambience, food, and people felt right.

Felix: 3 years! The closing hours are a really big draw.

What’s the fun part about working at the Swan Lake outlet?

Felix: Definitely the ‘SWAN-LAKERS’! It has to be my fellow colleagues. And I’m always very happy to see regulars coming in for food or coffee. It makes me proud of what I do.

Franklyn: Working at Swan Lake is fun not just because we work well together, but also because we are a team that respects, trusts and really care for each other.

I’ve heard you two are a real dynamic duo. Tell me one thing about the other person that most people usually wouldn’t know.

Franklyn: He does things that make me laugh! As for what things… I guess that’s for people to find out!

Felix: (laughing) He is like a small “baby shark” who loves the character STITCH a lot. A BIG BABY BOY!

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