Chef Jenna White
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Chef Jenna White

As resident pastry chef and development chef at Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School, Jenna’s role involves taking Dean’s drawings and scribblings on paper and helping him bring them to life. White takes the idea, does her own research, and begins testing variations of the dish until it’s deemed good enough to be placed in stores.

What is one new dish you recently created at Baker & Cook?

Dean always has new ideas. The latest to hit the stores was my absolute childhood favourite ginger crunch. I’m currently working on some new bowls and cakes and I was just at Plank on Friday where I launched our Banoffee pizza, that one you have to try!

What usually happens to leftovers in the kitchen, after you’re done testing recipes?

All chefs hate waste which is why we generally don’t have any. After any R&D there is never waste as it gets tried by the many mouths of staff to see thoughts, ideas for change and general feedback.

As resident chef of Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School, what is your favourite dish to make that involves bread?

Toast with marmite (NZ of course ) and cheese. Or my favourite salad Panzanella, anyone that knows me knows I have a soft spot for Italy.

Dean is a great baker, but how would you describe him as a chef?

He’s a great cook. He knows about taste which is the main thing when your cooking and how to balance the flavours. We have slightly different palates and ideas about food but that generally means you can create even better things.

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