Our Buns Are Better Than Yours
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Our Buns Are Better Than Yours

Global Baker Dean Brettschneider opens new burger joint, Mo & Jo Sourdough Burgers.

Gourmet burgers always sound so promising. Double-stacked patties. Streaky bacon. A sunny-side up to complete the deal. It’s like heaven on a plate, until the burger actually arrives and you struggle to keep everything together without ending up with bacon on your lap.

Mo & Jo Sourdough Burgers flips the gourmet burger on its head. It’s all about the classics here — good-quality patty, crisp lettuce, cheese and tomatoes sandwiched between two excellent buns.

“I grew up with honest burgers where simplicity was key, when burger buns were made from real bread and simple ingredients,” shares Dean Brettschneider. Both he and Baker & Cook’s head chef Jenna White are co-owners of Mo & Jo.

“Over the past years, it’s become almost the norm to have sweet and soft brioche burger buns combined with ‘sloppy joe’ toppings. They are almost inedible, and you need a spoon rather than your hands to eat it,” says Brettschneider.

“So, it’s time to deliver ‘top notch burgers’ and stop this silliness of over topped and filled burgers that are impossible to eat.”

At Mo & Jo, Brettschneider oversees the fresh buns coming out of the oven, while White is in charge of filling them up. The burgers are classic — quality beef, chicken and fish, with a beetroot burger vegetarian option. Pickles, chutneys and sauces are made in house. Sides include crinkle cut chips and sweet potato fries. Desserts go by the old-fashioned way with soft-serve ice cream milkshakes.

Says Brettschneider: “Most importantly, I want to be able to finish the burger with my hands and not have a sloppy mess left on my plate!”

The new space is a 25-seater with outside seating, and is also open for brunch on weekends. Mo & Jo burgers are also available for takeaway or delivery via FoodPanda or Deliveroo.

Brettschneider and White might be business partners in this new venture, but both already have a heated debate on-going: Buns vs. Fillings. Which is more important? If the neon pink sign with the phrase “Our Buns are Better than Yours” is any indication, it looks like Brettschneider might be leading this debate for now.

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