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Kiwi Baker at Home

No Half Measures

Global Baker Dean Brettschneider’s newest cookbook, Kiwi Baker at Home, offers a glimpse into what the savvy baker likes to cook in his home kitchen — when he can spare the time. There are easy, casual recipes perfect for weekend brunch, or tasty treats to pack into your lunchbox for a delicious office lunch. The book also offers step-by-step advice on bread and pastry-making techniques.

Five Stars Arising

Get in the mood for baking this National Day with our parent-andchild baking classes. Ever wanted to know how to bake a perfectly light and fluffy Victoria Sponge? Now is the chance to learn how. The icing on the cake — patriotic shades of red and white of course, to celebrate Singapore’s birthday. Recommended for children 5 years and above. Includes an 8-inch decorated cake to take home and snacks with coffee / tea / juice. Cost is for one adult and one child. Maximum of 10 pairs.

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